Adora Resort Hotel Room


You can do your daily sports in our fitness room, and you can organize matches on tennis courts and football fields.


Being fully renovated in 2008, our fitness center is designed not only for our guest who wish to conduct light training and warming up but also especially for our professional sportsmen/sportswomen guests with sufficient equipment in all levels.

Futbol Kampları

Being the most favourite hotel of football teams in Antalya since 1996-1997 football season, Adora takes pride in accommodating many famous football teams with its 4 football fields - one football field on-site (105m x 68m) and the other 3 football fields (105m x 68m) off-site (approximately 2 km). In our fields we have drainage system, water for washing shoes, lighting for evenings, guaranteed working hours and training spaces in the beach and green spaces.

On-Site Field
OUR “A” FOOTBALL FIELD: It is a turf football field of 105m x 68m dimensions. Lighting systems, training equipment, portable goal posts and camera recording towers are available.


There are 12 courts for amateur or professional players and tennis schools as well. The ground of the courts is 8 quartzsand and 4 sand. 3 quartzsand of them are lightened for evening use.




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